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The point of this group is twofold--to allow artists who are looking for constructive critique on a particular work to receive it, and to encourage artists who are looking for critique to also try their hands at providing it.  To that end, here are the rules of the Hub:

1. Per work you wish to add to the Hub for others to critique, you must critique at minimum two other works within the Hub.  It is encouraged to spread critique around to ensure that a small handful of contributors aren't the only ones to get critiques--if a work already has two critiques, adding a third or further counts for half.  For the first ten submissions, the restriction about critiquing other works within the Hub is relaxed, considering there aren't other works in the Hub to take a look at yet, heh.

To streamline the process, when you submit something for consideration, link the comments in which you provided critique.  And to further simplify, the comments cannot be older than one week, and cannot be reused for further submissions to the Hub.

2. To qualify as a critique, it must be constructive.  At absolute minimum, it must point out a direction the creator can pursue relating to the work, as well as describe what you personally enjoyed or found ineffective.  For those of you who think in terms of sentence totals, four full sentences, with their own subjects, verbs, and objects, is probably about as short as you can get while still fitting to this.

3. Bashing is a bannable offense.  To be clear, if there isn't really anything about a work you enjoy, it is perfectly valid to say so, but such opinions WILL NOT extend to the creator(s) of the work.  What's more, for such comments to be constructive, you MUST offer directions of investigation--'try working on X, Y, and Z, I think they need more careful applications in these parts of the picture.'  Group administrators have the final say over what is bashing and what is not.

4. This is interest-neutral ground.  That means that unless the creator explicitly asks for feedback on the content of what is being expressed, critiques should be focused on questions of execution.
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ThaddeusMcBoosh Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah. Let's get the ball rolling!

Yeah, that was mean.
KellTain Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
Hey, folks--so just to get things rolling, I'm gonna say go ahead and submit a piece for us to get the pool started. So basically, first one's free. That way people don't have to hunt awkwardly around for pictures other people want critiqued, and we can get some flow going!
Revenant-Shade Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey dudes. Can't wait to see this group get started, I wouldn't mind submitting some things.
Anubis2Pabon288 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013   Artist
Hi (l 3 l)^